Sexting: What Every Parent Should Know

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A new app lets you destroy your sent texts within seconds. It comes in handy if you’re interested in “sexting.”

The idea behind the app SnapChat is to give “sexters” a sense of security. The app, available only on iPhones, allows users to set a timer that will cause messages to self destruct after they’re received. The timer can be set for one to 10 seconds. If the recipient tries to take a screen shot, the sender is notified.

So how are parents to keep kids from sexting now that it’s easier than ever to not only do it, but hide it?

Enter PhoneSheriff.

This parental control software (for $49.97 a year) allows parents to block texts and calls from certain numbers, implement time restrictions and block Internet and app usage. It also allows parents to monitor content such as emails, texts, websites and GPS logs. According to their website, the app also claims to be ideal for companies wanting to monitor employee use of company phones.

PhoneSheriff is password protected and works on Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Windows and Symbian devices.



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