Parents in desperate need of liver donor for baby who only has weeks to live without it

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MILWAUKEE, Wisc. -- The parents of a five-month-old in Wisconsin are making a public plea for help for their son who is living with liver failure.

Whitney McLean and Tony Albers told WITI that their son Marcus has just weeks to live if they cannot find a donor.

Marcus, who has Immunodeficiency 47, has spent the past three weeks at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

According to WITI, there are just 12 cases of this rare genetic disorder in the world. It is something the mother passes down and only baby boys are at risk of showing symptoms.

The disease attacks the liver and leaves those with it only a few weeks to live, WITI reported.

McLean and Albers unfortunately are not matches to donate to their son.

They thought they had a match, but Tuesday before surgery doctors informed them the donor was not a perfect match, according to WITI.

"The helplessness feeling, is what it is," Albers told WITI.

If you'd like to find out whether you're a match,  you are urged to call one of the following numbers: (414) 805-1437 or (414) 805-1438.

Donors must be:

  • O blood type
  • Weigh less than 150 pounds
  • Be less than 40 years old
  • Must be in good health (no smoking or drinking)
  • Person cannot be recently pregnant

According to WITI, the donor will only need to give 25 percent of their liver. Doctors said the donor's live will grow back completely within six months.



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