Parents say 6th grader held gun to students’ heads

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – “He came out of nowhere with a gun and he put it to my head.”

That’s the word from a third grader in St. Louis, with his mom nearby, who told sister station KTVI-TV about an incident Wednesday.

It happened at a north St. Louis elementary school. The school wouldn’t comment on allegations, but that hasn’t stopped some students from telling their parents a horror story on what — they say — happened.

“I didn’t tell nobody ‘cuz I was scared to. He frightened me so bad I didn’t want to tell nobody because I thought he was gonna shoot me,” a fourth grader told the station.

The school confirmed a gun was found.

“The principal along with the school safety officer here at the building were able to locate the weapon and also determine which student brought the weapon into the building,” spokesman Patrick Wallace said.

But students say they were being threatened by the boy, who told them they had a gun, since Monday.

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