KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Park Hill School District warned it may happen; now the district said it’s reached the point and has no other option except to close schools later this week.

The district notified parents it would close all schools, offices, facilities and programs on Thursday and Friday due to staff illness. That includes the Park Hill Online Academy, Adventure Club and tuition preschool.

“As this situation continues, we cannot sustain the current pace throughout the whole week, with more and more staff falling ill,” the district said in an email to families. “We will not have enough staff to properly supervise students during the school day by the end of this week.”

The district said evening activities might be available if there is enough staff to handle each activity.

“We understand that this will be incredibly challenging for our families, so we want you to know that we exhausted every option before we got to this. We will continue to monitor the situation to try to make the best decisions possible for our students, our staff and our families,” the district said in an email to families.

Park Hill parents and families that FOX4 spoke to said they understand and appreciate the advance notice.

“I think they’re going do what they have to do to make sure it’s safe,” said Bob Tolnai, a father of two students. “If they don’t have enough people to monitor the classrooms or they want to have some sort of guidelines that they put in place, I think that’s the best.”

“I think it’s fair because I wouldn’t want to go to work, being the only one there, having to do all the work, you know, you can’t do it,” said Linda Alger, a grandmother to two 7-year-olds. “You just have to do what you can do. If a business has to close, I think that’s a proper way to dot it. You can’t have two people taking care of the whole thing.”

The district said it would not use any of its allotted AMI (remote learning) days because it doesn’t have enough staff to handle virtual classes. Students will also not be required to make up the two days at the end of the school year.

The district told families they can help by keeping children at home if they are sick, and to apply to be a substitute teacher in the district, if they are able.