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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Leaders in Parkville, Missouri are frustrated not only that the city’s landmark Farmers Market structure was hit twice over the summer, but that repairs are delayed because the insurance payments still haven’t come through six months after the second crash.

“Thirty-five years, it had been here, and no one had ever touched it and then it gets hit twice,” said Parkville Mayor Dean Katerndahl.

The first crash happened in April, when a box truck hit the corner of the market structure. In June, a semi truck took out much of the roof on one side and damaged the support structure underneath.

Since two separate companies were responsible for varying levels of damage, Parkville City Adminsitrator Alexa Barton admits the process has been drawn out and complicated.

“A lot of it started in the summer months when they all wanted to come in and do their own forensic inspections,” said Barton, referring to the companies responsible for the damage.

Barton says that lead to information, estimates, and quotes being sent back and forth between the city and the companies trying to figure out who was responsible for what and how much it would all cost. The current quote for repair is $1,010,027. So far, the city says 35% of the cost is assigned to Thrift Management Specialists for the April damage and 65% falls on CR England Inc. for the damage in June.

“We did get those quotes back in the beginning of October and now we are in the beginning of December. and 60 days later, we are still waiting,” said Barton.

Thrift Management Specialists insurance company, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, didn’t return FOX4’s email on Monday or phone call on Tuesday asking about why a payment has taken so long.

CR England sent this response to FOX4:

“Since the June 13, 2022 accident, C.R. England has been actively working with the City of Parkville to assess damages to the structure and to identify necessary repairs. This type of investigation takes time, as the City needed to involve structural engineers, engage in mitigation efforts, conduct damage inspections, and obtain appraisals and repair estimates. Just two weeks ago, on November 22nd, C.R. England finally received the City of Parkville’s initial comprehensive appraisal of damages, which contained significant adjustments from its initial review. It is C.R. England’s intent to continue working amicably with the City to review their appraisal of damages as quickly as possible so that the City can begin the process of repairs.”

Barton contends while there was updated information provided after October, the estimate did not change by a large amount.

It puts the timing and location of the next Farmers Market season up in the air since the city admits it’s likely too late to repair the structure by late April, when the next season begins.

“We had Christmas on the River a few days ago and this is what they look over,” Katerndahl said, gesturing to the market. “This pile of rubble here.”

The city is considering two sets of plans.

One would simply replace the existing structure with small improvements to protect it from vehicles in the future. Estimates put that project at about $866,000 on the high end. A second, larger replacement would expand the Farmers Market north in an L-shape, and could be completed in phases. The total cost of that is estimated at about $1,612,000.

Neither plan can move forward, says Katerndahl, until the city knows how much its insurance payment will be. He adds any additional funding would have to either be raised or secured through county or federal grants.

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