PARKVILLE, Mo. — There were several Fourth of July celebrations that happened across the Kansas City area Monday.

Parkville hosted its annual festivities where things kicked off in the morning.

Many people celebrate Independence Day, but how may vary.

“We wanted to do it at a park that way it’s like cute and nature and there’s a bunch of sun,” Ally Jeffries, who celebrated, said.

Jeffries and her cousin, Josie Elder, wanted to enjoy Independence Day in nature.

“We brought some crackers and cheese and donuts and cookies, and we had a fruit plate,” Elder said.

“We’re hanging out,” Jeffries said. “We’re just having a little morning afternoon picnic.” “it’s a little hot, but we said we can find a nice, shaded area. It’ll be nice and there will be a breeze.”

Some played in nature.

“I’m not home a lot,” Sullivan Cox, who celebrated, said. “I’m in college, so coming back and actually going to an event like this is pretty fun.”

The people at the park were only a couple of steps away from Parkville’s annual Fourth of July celebration.

Downtown there were food trucks, games, and a beer tent.

The day kicked off with a parade and ended with a firework show.