PLATTE CITY, Mo. — A windfall for some local road projects as the Missouri Department of Transportation announced $75 million for choice proposals on Monday.

Harrisonville, Platte City, and Raymore all are having projects funded along with Parkville, which will receive about $1.8 million for its Route 9 corridor project.

The Route 9 corridor project was selected, like these other projects, for economic impact. That is one of the missions of the Governor’s Transportation Cost-Share Program.

This is only the second time the program has happen so there is a lot of excitement among the recipients.

Route 92 in Platte city is another one of the project. The re-imagining, expanding 1.3 miles of road to four lanes, has been in the works since 2016.

On Thursday their proposal earned the project close to $6.7 million. The plan will beef-up the roadway leading to a planned two million square foot development.

The state money will leverage other public and private money, sources of money disclosed in the proposals.

“It brings money to the table that will move projects forward faster than might not have been moved as quickly,” Ericka Ross, a Kansas City area engineer for MoDOT, said.

“A lot of different groups and angles were looked at during the scoring process when these projects were awarded,” Ross said.

Platte City’s proposal included city, county, MARC, and developer funding sources. In total, the project will cost $17 million.

“When I got elected to the board in ’08 this Eastside development has been my push,” Platte City Mayor Tony Paolillo said.

“It’s going to be our growth, I would say, in the next 20 years, I’d say the largest growth Platte City has,” Paolillo said.

This funding is separate from MoDOT Cost-Share funding and the program needs to be approved year-to-year.

MoDOT reports that, although the state is dispersing $75 million, the projects themselves have an impact of about $176 million.

For a full list of projects approved under this program, view here.