Parkville police warn parents after man approaches boy walking home from school


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PARKVILLE, Mo. — The Parkville Police Department is investigating a case of stranger danger that occurred on Tuesday in Parkville, Mo.

Police said a Lakeview student was walking home from the school bus stop at 9 Highway and Riverchase when a man approached him to offer him a ride. The man reportedly told the boy he had a puppy in a car. Police said the boy declined, and the man drove away.

The student reported that the driver was a white, heavyset male with grey hair in a purple or blue van or SUV.

The Parkville police are investigating and have increased their patrols in the area.

Police issued the following safety reminders in a news release on Wednesday.

Safety Tips:
• Select a safe route for your children to walk to school and show them places to go if they need a safe spot. If your children take the bus, wait at the stop with them until the bus comes.

• Teach your children to trust their feelings if someone makes them feel scared or uncomfortable. Tell them that adults do not need help from children and that adults should not be offering them things like candy or money. Tell them they do not need to be polite, and they should get away quickly.

• Do not send your children out with clothing or items with their names on them. Tell them not to be confused if someone they do not know calls their name.

• Make sure your school has up-to-date contact information and knows who can pick up your children.

• Teach your children how to use the phone and help them memorize your phone number.

• If someone tries to grab your children, they should kick, fight, scream and yell, “This person is trying to take me away! I do not know this person!”

• Teach your children to get away from someone who follows them on foot. If someone follows them in a car, tell them to go the opposite direction and get somewhere safe.

• Tell your children never to go with anyone unless they check with you first, even if the person says it is an emergency or that you gave permission.




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