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PARKVILLE, Mo. — Three separate weddings were scheduled near English Landing Park on Saturday, but flooding showed up as an uninvited guest. However, thanks to help from city officials the couples made it down the aisle.

Nichole Lieb couldn’t wait to marry Alex Hartnett. They’ve been together three years, and reconnected after meeting in high school years ago.

“I didn’t really feel it would be a real thing until I met Alex again, and I knew him in high school, and we reconnected, and I knew it was different,” Lieb said.

They picked Parkville because the city and park are special to them, but they never expected on their wedding day it would be under water.

” Water’s coming up,” English Landing Center owner, Tom Hutsler said. “We’re trying to keep all the shops open in downtown Parkville. ”

The road into the wedding venue became impassable, so Hutsler hustled to get a way in and built a road.

“We brought in three hundred tons of rock, and got a bobcat over there, but it took a couple days to build the road,” Hutsler said. “We worked closely with the city of Parkville, the police department, the railroad, and the army corps of engineers to make this happen.”

Lieb says she and her fiancé knew this is where they were meant to be married, but now she knows she made the right decision. She says her now husband was worried it would be a wash.

“He’s really concerned,” the now Mrs. Hartnett said. “He wants me to have the best day ever, so he was a little more nervous about how it was going to be. I know we were planning on having several pictures, and our first look in the park, so we’re just having to adjust from there. ”

Nichole said a little water can’t ruin the first day of the rest of their lives.

“We can’t really control Missouri weather, or Kansas City weather, and when it rains on your wedding day you’re supposed to have good luck, but when it’s flooding, so I guess that means we have really good luck, so I can’t wait to see what our future has,” Hartnett said.