Parkville woman chases thieves who stole her car, learns their truck was also stolen

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February 07 2021 05:30 pm

PARKVILLE, Mo. – A Parkville woman says she was determined to stop thieves from stealing her car, so she took off after them in the truck they left behind.

Surveillance video shows her chase the criminals in the parking lot at Please Stop! on N.W. River Park Drive in Parkville before she jumps in the suspects’ truck they left at the scene and continues to pursue the thieves in a high-speed chase into Riverside.

“I call them the twacked out Bonne and Clyde that stole my ride,” Ayana Seton said. “It was just a crazy moment. It was adrenaline. I did that because I was upset. I paid a lot of money for my car.”

Seton said it all happened Nov. 17 after a late shift at work.

She stopped at the convenience store for tamales and a lottery ticket. Seton said she left her car, a black Ford Fusion, running and unlocked in the parking lot.

“It was really a one-time thing. I had just came here for a late-night snack and a scratch-off ticket. That’s why I left my vehicle running because I was not expecting somebody to take off in it,” Seton said.

Seton followed the thieves to the Horizon’s exit on the Interstate 635 exit ramp in their red pick-up truck before stopping and flagging down police. Authorities said the truck was also stolen.

“This time of year, I guess it is not unusual for people to leave their cars running, but this situation, something like this occur, not the norm,” said Sgt. Randall Stone with the Parkville Police Department.

Stone said this shows how quick thieves can attack, and he’s reminding people to never leave your cars running or unattended.

The department has a yearly campaign reminding people to “Look, Light and Lock” and remove valuables from cars.

“This is not something you see every day, where somebody steals a car and the victim get in other person’s stolen car and chases them,” Stone said. “If somebody takes your car, make sure you are the priority, not the vehicle, because you don’t know what their intent is or how desperate they are.”

While Seton admits it wasn’t her best idea and doesn’t recommend chasing suspects, she said the chase did pay off.

“They are definitely dumb criminals because they didn’t have the whole thing orchestrated properly, and I’m glad they didn’t, obviously, because I got my car back,” Seton said.

Her directions helped point police in the right direction and locate her car in KCK a few hours later.

Seton said she wanted to share her story in hopes that someone might recognize the female suspect. Police said the male suspect was arrested on an unrelated charge in Wyandotte County.

If you have any information, call Parkville Police at 816-741-4454.



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