KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight faces federal charges after her actions allegedly forced the pilot to make an unscheduled landing at Kansas City International Airport.

According to the complaint, 32-year-old Chloe M. Dasilva, is charged with one count of interfering with the flight crew.

According to an affidavit, Dasilva was flying from San Francisco to Chicago on Friday, April 7.

Dasilva confronted one of the flight attendants at some point during the flight, according to the court document. She allegedly yelled at the man and threatened to kill him.

Flight attendants and two passengers stepped in and used zip ties to restrain Dasilva.

The pilot decided to divert to Kansas City instead of going to Chicago because he was concerned for the safety of the passengers on the flight, according to the court document.

Dasilva is scheduled to make her initial court appearance on the charge Monday.