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(KSNF/KODE) — A passenger who left his wallet on a plane, is hopefully getting it back thanks to his Apple AirTag.

Missouri resident, John Lewis, said he simply forgot his wallet on an American Airlines aircraft. Although the airline says it couldn’t find the wallet, Lewis saw his wallet fly to 35 different cities thanks to AirTag.

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As shared by the passenger on his personal Twitter account, he forgot his wallet on the plane after being late to catch a connecting flight following a one-hour delay in his initial flight. Finding lost objects in situations like this is not exactly easy, but Lewis had put an AirTag in his wallet.

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With AirTag, users can see the location of their items through “Find My Network,” which uses the Apple devices connected around the accessory to share their location with the AirTag owner. As expected, he was able to see exactly where his wallet was. But, according to Lewis, American Airlines told him that they couldn’t find it after cleaning the plane.

“I’m able to trace my wallet and it’s still on the plane and it has gone to over 35 cities since Tuesday,” Lewis said in a video.

Lewis claims he contacted the airline multiple times, but they insisted they had no idea where his wallet was.

“They said they thoroughly cleaned the plane, but how can you thoroughly clean the plane if the wallet is still on the plane and you haven’t gotten it yet?”

After reaching out to American Airlines on Twitter, the airline contacted Lewis, asking for more details about the current location of the wallet. However, a tweet from January 30th suggests that the company has yet to find the lost wallet.

The small, round device made by Apple, can be very useful for traveling. Since their release in 2021, several stories have surfaced about about how they’ve been used to track down lost luggage. In one instance, an airline employee in Florida was caught with over $15,000 of stolen luggage thanks to an AirTag. Another story saw newlyweds returning from their honeymoon track down lost luggage using an AirTag.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that AirTag works in every situation, or that it’s extremely accurate.