Passengers encounter two separate emergency landings at KCI

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Two emergency landings at Kansas City International Airport Monday were a bit unsettling for passengers and kept investigators busy.

An airport spokesman says during the first incident, a fuel leak caused Delta Airlines  Flight 923 to make a sudden stop at KCI. We’re told just before 5 p.m. Monday, the pilot of the Boeing 717 alerted passengers of the problem and then landed the aircraft safely on a runway.

Kansas City Fire Department’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire team rushed to the scene and sprayed foam on the rear of the airplane as a precaution. Investigators said there wasn’t a fire on the plane.

”The pilot let us know that we would be landing at KCI and the emergency equipment would be waiting for us. He just landed it hard and fast and turned the engine off right at the end of the runway, “ passenger, Vivian Kallmann said.

Investigators say 117 passengers and crew were on the Delta Flight. A relieved VIvian Kallmann says everyone unboarded by air stair at the front of the plane and were bused to the terminal.

”We just had to wait. Everybody was in good spirits. I don’t think anybody was suffering or panicked or anything like that,”  Kallmann said.

”It was planned out. The pilot landed the plane perfectly. We slid down the emergency equipment and we stopped. The crew then arrived and they started taking care of the plane,” passenger, Laura Scheinholtz said.

Meantime, the second plane, an Alaska Airlines plane also made an emergency landing at KCI.

Investigators ay Flight 1092 was en route from Washington, DC’s Dulles Internatinal  Airport to Los Angeles when it encountered a “pressurization issue.”

Passengers and crew on both airplanes were just relieved everyone on both aircrafts were safe.

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