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ST. LOUIS — A tram was stuck in the north leg of the Gateway Arch for at least two hours Friday.

A representative from Gateway Arch National Park tells affiliate FOX 2 that more than a dozen visitors were trapped inside of a tram car for at least two hours. Fire crews were called in to help rescue those visitors, many who were in communication with Arch officials while they waited inside.

Many of those passengers say it was a nightmare. The incident left many riders scared, but now relieved.

“As we were looking out the windows, we get back on the tram, and it just breaks down,” said passenger Alice Lebbing. “It was scary, but I’m glad we are out and on ground.”

“It was scary,” said passenger John Bradley. “I had three kids in there. Power went off, they were in panic, and we kept them calm, but it was pretty nerve-racking.”

At least 20 people were on board when the tram got stuck. Due to a power outage, a few tram cars could not move for hours. However, there was electricity and lights inside the tram.

 “Our staff was in communication with the cars on the tram to keep them posted as to what was going on, helping them remain calm,“ said Pam Sanfilippo with the Gateway Arch.

St. Louis Fire Department personnel were called to the scene to assist with the situation.

 “We were able to restore power to the tram to release the passengers safely,” said Captain Garon Mosby with the St. Louis Fire Department. 

The tram was fixed after riders waited patiently. Power was restored to the north tram Friday afternoon. No on was injured during the incident.

The Arch is run by the U.S. Park Service, which was notified of the incident. Bi-State Development staffs some employees at the Arch.