Past Experience Inspires ‘Day of Hope’ in Platte County

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. — A Platte County church hosted its first ever “Day of Hope” and along with the Health Department, helped hundreds of families in need on Saturday.

Bags of groceries, gift cards, diapers, haircuts, even family photos.  Platte County Health’s first “Day of Hope” is meeting the needs of hundreds of local families.

“I hope they feel that their not alone” said Mary Joe Vernon the Director of the Platte County Health Department and founder of the Day of Hope who says she knows first hand the struggles of the more than 900 people registered for Saturday’s event.

The Day of Hope was started by Director, Mary Jo Vernon who says she knows first hand the struggles of the more than 900 people registered for Saturday’s event.

“I know what its like to wonder how you’re going to pay the utility bill.  I know what its like to scrape money together for groceries,” Vernon said.

30 yeas ago Vernon says she was left a single mom with three young kids.  It was though tough times that instilled a passion she is living out.

“I felt like I was in an ocean in a small little canoe.  You know and I had these three kids and its like how can I do this?  But look around this building.  Look at all the help that’s available,” she said.

In four months Vernon and the Health Department were able to pull together dozens of local businesses and churches to help provide both rooms and truckloads full of supplies to help families get by.

“As the director of health I watch the statistics climb and then I meet these wonderful ministers that just stand beside me and say we can do it, yes we can,” she said.

As the more than 200 families flowed through the stations Saturday at New Destiny Church, 10723 NW Ambassador Drive, faces were changed. As the help was realized, hope newly instilled.

“One minute you don’t know what you’re going to do you know and its like, what do we do.  And then this comes along and its like, well there’s your answer to everything,” said Elijah Lewis who came to the event with his wife and five children.

Vernon says Platte County was once the second most affluent county in Missouri.  The economy has taken its toll she says, and the needs are greater than ever.

“I mean the things that help you carry on in life and move on is just.  It’s a big much on one income and now you have this and it helps.  It’s just beautiful,” said Lewis.



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