Patrick Mahomes shows off closet at his KC home just for his 180 pairs of shoes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City’s favorite quarterback has a lot of shoes. Actually, 180 pairs to be precise.

In a video from Bleacher Report, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Matthews share a small inside look at their Kansas City home — particularly the shoe closet.

In the video, Mahomes says it’s the first home either of them have ever owned.

“It’s cool, I mean, just to have your own place, our own house where we can grow into,” the Chiefs star said. “And so this is definitely a big step in our life.”

They’ve renovated a lot of the home to make it their own, and Mahomes said the last area they finished was the shoe closet.

It’s something the NFL MVP has wanted for several years now, he says in the video.

Of course, the space is a lot bigger than the average closet. It holds 180 pairs of Mahomes’ favorite shoes, after all, and still has plenty of room to walk around in.

Since these shoes are what Mahomes considers “the most valuable things in the house,” he’s got a security camera just to keep an eye on his shoe closet.

“My brother comes and stays with us, and I know he’ll try to be in my shoe closet,” Mahomes said.

The coolest part: When the QB walks in, he just has to say “Hey Google. It’s Showtime!” and then all of the lights come on and a crowd starts cheering.

Want to see all of Mahomes’s favorite shoes? Check them out in the video player above.

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