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KANSAS CITY, Mo — First, a Patriots fan who threw beer into Tyreek Hill’s face after a touchdown was banned from Gillette Stadium. Now, that man is facing charges.

Foxborough police have charged a 21-year-old Massachusetts man with disorderly conduct and throwing an object at a sporting event. The man’s name has not been released.

“I just think that is ridiculous and how un-sportsman like. It makes me shake to think that they treat us like that when we are a great football team,” Chiefs fan Kathy Solar said.

It was late in the fourth quarter and Hill had just run the ball in for a touchdown when a fan sitting in the front row appeared to purposely spray beer on the 24-year-old.

“That person should be kicked out and shouldn’t be allowed back because we need to take a stand against that,” Solar said.

It has the entire NFL shaking. The Patriots issued a statement saying that beer throwing fan has been banned from Gillette Stadium for life.

“Gillette Stadium security has identified the fan who violated the fan code of conduct by tossing beer onto a player during the game last night,” the spokesperson for the stadium said. “The matter has been turned over to local law enforcement and the fan will be sent a letter of disinvite to all future events at Gillette Stadium.”

According to ESPN, Foxborough Police Department said the Chiefs did not show interest in criminal prosecution of the fan, but stadium security and the police decided to pursue it.