Paul Rudd seen thanking voters, handing out cookies in pouring rain


NEW YORK — Actor Paul Rudd was seen and recorded handing out cookies to early voters waiting in line in torrential rain in Brooklyn, on Thursday, Oct. 29.

“I want to say thank you for coming out and voting and doing your part,” Rudd told voters through a mask.

The moment was captured five days ahead of Election Day by Brian Rosenworcel, a member of the band Guster, who posted the video on Twitter.

Rudd made headlines earlier during the pandemic when he teamed up with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, encouraging millennials and younger people to wear a mask.

Rudd is an actor who grew up in the Kansas City metro. He is most recently known for his portrayal of Ant Man in the Marvel Universe, although he has enjoyed other beloved roles, such as Peter Klaven in the movie, “I Love You Man,” and Bobby Newport in the hit show, “Parks and Recreation.”




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