KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Salvation Army’s red kettle season is just around the corner and you can bet on one volunteer who will be ringing his bell.

Harold Hepfer is 83 years old and he’s been ringing for 43 years.

“Harold stands every holiday season, five to six days a week, 12 to 14 hours day,” Rosemary Salerno said. “He is going to ring the bell at my event, Vintage Market Days, and I think he is very deserving of the $400 gift card.”

Harold says he is paying back the Salvation Army for paying for his recovery after a near fatal car crash when he was in college.

“I mean right now we are struggling to find bell ringers to help us this season so him being 83 years old, being out there, and he has a lot of dedication and hope and we’re just grateful to have him,” Lt. Simon Macula said.

During those years of ringing his bell, Harold has collected more than $1 million for the army. 

Now it’s his turn to collect a $400 Pay It Forward gift card.