Co-worker pays it forward to veteran who helps fellow veterans and kids with disabilities

Pay It Forward
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SUGAR CREEK, Mo. — A veteran who helps other veterans and kids with disabilities is being recognized for his kindness in this edition of Pay It Forward.

Craig Wiser is a retired police officer and a veteran who needed an exercise trike, but the VA said no, so he did something about it not only for himself but for others. A former co-worker wanted to thank him.

“My friend Craig Wiser is the president of national AMBUCS for the Kansas City chapter, and he goes to the veteran hospitals and different associations and tries to help veterans, and children also,” giver Peggy Doss said. “Nurses will call us and say people will need trikes for disabilities, and they either need hand or feet trikes, and he gets them fitted and gives them their trikes.”

“When he hands these trikes and bikes to the veterans and the children for their mobility, what does it mean to them?” FOX4’s Kathy Quinn asked.

“It’s so awesome if you have never seen a kid that has never been mobile before, and then you see them get a trike. It’s a feeling that I can’t even describe,” wife Gina Wiser said.

FOX4 was on hand when Doss gave Craig Wiser his $400.

“I think that you’re awesome, and you help out everybody, all the veterans, all the kids that we help out,” Doss said as she handed him the money.

“I’m going to give this to our charity, AMBUCS, to help disabled veterans and children get trikes so they can stay mobile like I do,” Wiser said.

If you want to nominate someone for Pay It Forward, click on this link.

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