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Kansas City, Mo — Miss Dana retired from teaching after thirty years in the classroom, or so she thought.

Today, she is back in the classroom teaching kids to read at the Kids with Class KC in the Waldo area. 

One grandmother who is glad that Dana is teaching again is Vicki Kochsmeier. 

In one year’s time she has helped her granddaughter, Autumn, read at third grade reading level. When Dana first tested her, she was reading at kindergarten level.

“Yes, I definitely see an improvement in not only her reading ability but her confidence level, “ Kochsmeier said. “That’s what Miss Dana does with all of her students. She takes them all under her wing and she just cares about every single one of them and wants them to achieve the best that they can.”

Autumn agrees. 

“Before Miss Dana, I felt nervous, like nobody would want to be friends with me. Now that I can read, I feel happy!” Autumn said.

Miss Dana definitely felt happy when Vick and Autumn told her they nominated her for FOX4’s Pay It Forward’s $400 gift card, in fact, she cried.  

Miss Dana hugged Autumn and said, “She is the reason I do what I do!”