KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Esther Kuhlmann teaches students how to ride horses at the Northland Equine Lessons and Training stable, but her students learn much more than just riding when they’re sitting in the saddle.

“She spends 24-seven, 365 days at the barn,” Maggie Green, a fellow trainer, said. “She came to us as a professional rider and trains amateur riders which is not common in the horse world and she teaches kiddos from seven to 60-plus.”

Esther grew up riding horses in Denmark, getting her first pony at age 8. She brings her knowledge and skill as an Olympic level rider to her students in the Northland infused with her passion and love of horses.   

Maggie and the FOX4 Crew surprised Esther during a meeting at her home where they were discussing how to purchase new equipment.

After handing over the FOX4 gift card, Esther opened it and said, “$400 — ladies here’s our new equipment!”