GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Mrs. Patricia Julo is a lifetime volunteer who is used to giving but now she’ll be on the receiving end as our FOX4 Pay It Forward crew surprises her with a $400 gift card.

Pam Russell nominated Mrs. Julo for her years of support as a friend, delivering communion and praying with her. 

Russell is homebound for health reasons and she asked her friend, Liz McClernon to Pay It Forward to Mrs. Julo for her.

“I am helping Pam write her autobiograghy, and one chapter is dedicated to Mrs. Julo,” McClernon said. “So Pam decided to nominate her.”

Mrs. Julo runs the Coronation Church food pantry, visits the sick and for years fed people from a community garden she and her husband tended.

She is also in her 80’s, raised 8 children, she’s a grandmother and great-grandmother and has no plans to slow down.

We caught up with Mrs. Julo at the food pantry and surprised her with the $400 gift card.

After some hugs and applause, the lifetime volunteer, of course decided to donate the money to her church.