Grain Valley mother pays it forward to one-of-a-kind kindergarten bus driver

Pay It Forward

GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. — If you rode the school bus when you were in kindergarten, you might remember how the first day of school was very scary. But it’s not scary for Tinley Scrogham, who rides bus 39 in Grain Valley, because she loves her bus driver, Miss Tracey.  

“She goes above and beyond,” according to Tinley’s mom,  Ashley Scrogham. “Miss Tracey has touched my heart and also my daughter’s with how she makes Tinley and all the children who ride the bus feel loved.”

Miss Tracey has a different theme for each day. On Fridays she brings the kids candy or doughnuts, and last winter, she made each one a handmade scarf.

Miss Tracey reportedly pays for all the treats out of her own pocket.

The “always smiling” Miss Tracey said the kids on her bus ease the heartache she feels for the grandchildren she is not allowed to see. 

After receiving the Pay It Forward $400 gift card, Miss Tracey said, “I’m in shock and I don’t know what to say?”   

And very quickly in response, one of her kindergartners said, “Why not say thank you?” Of course.   

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