KC couple who’s preached through pandemic gets surprise from faithful parishioner

Pay It Forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Kansas City couple is being recognized for continuing to preach amid the COVID-19 pandemic in this week’s “Pay it Forward.”

There are no regular services at Memorial Missionary Church due to the coronavirus, but Pastor Alan Aiken and his wife Olivia continue to shepherd their flock, drawing praise from Connie Taylor.

“When I got your call, I was in the parking lot at work, just jumping up and down. I said, ‘this has got to be, this can’t be for real! And so I’m excited,” Taylor beamed.

“Because they are such a blessing not only to myself, but to the entire community. They’re trying to get turkeys and chickens available for people for the holiday, for Christmas, and I can’t think of a couple that would be more deserving to be able to pay it forward to them.”

Taylor says they’ve been hosting drive-up worship services so they can continue to gather safely, preaching and teaching in the elements.

The surprise left Aiken at a loss for words, but Taylor had a little something extra up her sleeve.

“I couldn’t let Channel 4 outdo me, I didn’t come empty-handed, this is a card from my church for $300, this is a card from me and a $300 thank you,” Taylor said, bringing the total to $1,000.



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