Local mom pays it forward to woman crocheting for the community

Pay It Forward

Lacelyn Hernandez said the pandemic may have forced her friend to temporarily close down her business, an at-home salon, but it didn’t stop Patty from crocheting for the community.

“I just love her so much. She’s done so much for our community. For the police department, for the hospitals, and donating items that she’s crocheted over the past couple years,” Hernandez said.

During the pandemic patty crocheted 400 mask mates for the doctors and nurses at Kansas University. It’s a tradition she carries on after her mother died two years ago.

“During the shut down during COVID, she still continued to crochet. She never asked for penny,” Hernandez said. “I just want people to see how amazing Patty is and how many more Patties we need in this world.”

When FOX4 showed up with a $400 gift card, Patty was flabbergasted. She knew exactly what was happening.

“Well I want to pay it forward to you to tell you how much I love you how much you do for the communities, and I wanted to give you $400 to pay it forward to you.”

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