Local veterinarian gets special recognition for providing care despite owners’ economic situations

Pay It Forward
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A local veterinarian who practices in the inner city is dog’s best friend, and his patients are barking about the way he cares for them.

Charlotte Lane said she wants everybody to know that Dr. J.L Goosen has a clinic on Blue Parkway and one on Prospect.

He’s there for the people,” said Lane who nominated Dr. Goosen for FOX 4’s Pay It Forward award. “Because he could’ve moved out, but he didn’t, and he’s right there, and we do love him, and the dogs love him.”

Dr. Goosen received $300 from FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn as a recipient of the Pay It Forward award.

“He is compassionate, and he has a belief that everybody and every pet deserves quality care despite their economic situation or how much money they have,” Curtis Lane said.

Dr. Goosen said he understands that sometimes people get into a situation where they need help. He said he doesn’t want their pets to suffer because their owner can’t pay for treatment.

“I grew up on a farm, and you kind of learned to take care of your neighbors,” Dr. Goosen said.



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