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A local woman behind an animal rescue organization was recently recognized for her kindness by one of the organization’s foster moms.

Chrissy Hogan says Lindsey Lee started the non-profit organization Dog Rescue K9-11 two years ago, and she wanted to thank her for all she does for the dogs.

“You know, she just deserves so much,” Hogan said when asked why she nominated Lee for FOX 4’s Pay-It-Forward Award. “She does so much for dogs she is constantly driving for the rescue.”

According to Hogan, Lee has even picked up dogs from Oklahoma.

“You do so much for the rescue,” Hogan told Lee when presenting her with $300 as part of the award. “You touch their lives, you have such a big heart and you don’t get anything in return. I wanted you to know that I love you. ”

Watch Lindsey’s humble reaction in the video above.

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