Man who had heart operations pays it forward to helpful hairstylist

Pay It Forward

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — A local stylist doesn’t normally take appointments for cats, but for a good friend, she makes an exception.

After several heart operations, Joel McNulty feels blessed. He not only has his health, but he also has a friend in hairstylist Kim because she takes care of his cat, Boo, when he’s in the hospital.

“She has taken care of my cat for years because I have had a bunch of heart procedures done, and she goes to my apartment and feeds him, waters him, changes the litter and even sometimes cleaned up the very messy bachelor pad that I have, and she never wants a dime for it,” McNulty said. “She’s a giver and I said you know what I am going to try and do something back she wouldn’t expect.”

Kim thought she was meeting a client for a hair appointment when Joel walked in to Sola Salon in Overland Park. 

“I called FOX4, Kathy Quinn, and because of everything you’ve done for me, my little buddy, Boo, for several years while this ticker doesn’t work quite right,” McNulty told Kim. “[You] made me very happy in the process… so this gift card is for you.”

Kim was overwhelmed.

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