New pet owner pays it forward to KC cat rescue in need of new home

Pay It Forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mina Herron is on a mission to save every homeless cat and find them a forever family. For fourteen years she has been giving cats “Another Chance” at her cat rescue in Waldo.

Jill Carrell met Mina after adopting two of her kittens at the beginning of the pandemic. Carrell was amazed at how Mina operated Another Chance Cat Rescue in the basement of a strip mall.

“She’s Kansas City’s ultimate cat lady,” Carrell said. “She just does amazing things. She not only cares for 200 cats and some kittens in the shelter, she also has 10 different feral cat colonies between 36th Street and 63rd Street that she visits every single night after work and feeds them.”

Mina knows every one of her cats by name and their stories, like Leon. Mina rescued him from Linwood and Troost when he was nearly killed in traffic. Or Sesame the Siamese cat, who was pregnant when she was found hungry and underweight.

The cat rescue is moving to a new location on Hickman Mills Drive because they need more room for their rescues. Carrell wanted to help with the move, so she nominated Mina for the $400 Pay It Forward gift card.

“Oh my gosh,” Mina said, when surprised with the gift card. “We need it right now, desperately.”

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