KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For some people like Jody Killough, a disability isn’t something you can always see.

Jody’s disability is severe depression and anxiety and she nominated a good friend who has helped her deal with her disability.

“When I don’t have the strength to go on, Ricky gives me strength,” Jody said. “He gives me hope, he’s someone I can depend on, drives me to appointments because I’m too nervous to drive.”

Ricky Rydell Pouncil is just a phone call away when Jody needs him and on the day we surprise him with a Pay It Forward $400 gift card, Ricky thinks he’s taking Jody to the store, but he’s not.

After handing him the card, I asked Ricky what’s going through his mind.

“Wow,” Ricky said. “A $400 gift card? It’s nice to be kind to people, I like to share the kindness with everyone and that’s what pays off.”