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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kar Woo is an artist who changed the canvas of his life to help people through his non-profit called “Artists Helping the Homeless.”

As a young student from Hong Kong with only $50 in his pocket, he traveled to America to make a new life for himself.

Woo eventually became a success in the art world with a gallery on the Country Club Plaza, which he would open up to people living on the streets.

“Mr. Woo is very spiritual, I see God in him,” Herschel Combs, who works with Woo, said. “He houses people, gives them medicine and gets them whatever they need.”

Woo says he was inspired to help the homeless after his apartment burned down as a young student and a very kind person took him in.

In 2008 he closed his art gallery and now runs several emergency shelters including one in Midtown Kansas City.

Combs wanted to recognize Mr. Woo with a $400 gift card.  

Kar Woo was surprised and said he wanted to cry.