KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Salvation Army is known for bell ringing during the holidays, but year-round at the Eastside Salvation Army,

They’re known for love, Major Janice Love, just ask Tanya Gray.

“Since I’ve been here, I have felt so comfortable,” said Gray. “I’ve never really felt like I fit in, until I met Major Love.”

Gray is the dishwasher in the kitchen at the Salvation Army where they feed around 20 families a day. She sees first-hand the love that the

Major shares with the community and she wants her to know she loves her back.

Tanya nominated the Major for FOX4’s Pay It Forward. The Major was shocked when we surprised her in the chapel with the $400 gift card.

“Thank you, wow!”, cried Major Love, “God is good I do this for his glory, I just love people, and it will be used for the community, wow!”