KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A special employee from the Guadalupe Center is getting a big thank you from one of her former students.

Gina Coronado started working at Our Lady of Guadalupe Centers at the age of 14 and she’s never left because she says it’s her passion. This made her the perfect candidate to receive this weeks FOX4 Pay It Forward gift card.

Alyssa Morales attended the youth programs at Our Lady of Guadalupe Centers as a child and now as a mother, she realizes how much it shaped her life. She wants to thank the director.

“She was always there for everyone,” Morales said. “Even if there wasn’t enough to go around, Gina Coronado would make it happen, even if she paid out of her own pocket.”

When FOX4 surprised Gina at the youth center on the Westside, she was handing out school supplies. Gina teared up after receiving the $400 dollar gift card.

“I am surprised, I’m very surprised, very grateful, very blessed, very humbled because we do, we just do what we do. I never ask for anything in return. This is awesome,” Gina said.

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