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RIVERSIDE, Mo. — A routine traffic stop followed by a welfare check inspired the citizen who was pulled over to pay it forward to officer Aimee DiGeronimo.

Kimbre Stevens said, police were called to her house after she wasn’t responding to phone calls.

Stevens was suffering from a migraine and passed out. Officer DiGeronimo showed up and made sure Stevens was okay.

“Officer DiGernomino asked me if I remembered her,” Stevens said. “Then I remembered she had pulled me over several months before and was very kind and patient with me as I was new in town.”

Stevens said those two encounters with the officer really touched her heart and she wanted to recognize the officer with the $400 gift card, which will be donated to the PAL program in her name.

DiGeronimo thought she was called to police headquarters on her day off for a meeting, but it was actually so Stevens could surprise her.

She said hearing from citizens like Stevens makes what she does worthwhile.