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Kansas City, Mo. — When the Salvation Army isn’t bell ringing during the holidays, they’re honking and hollering during the hot summer months.

“Honk & Holler” is an outreach program for the homeless and this year, they’re running low on bottled water.

“Last week we handed out about 140 bags of food, but we ran out of water,” said Michael Mitchell, a volunteer, said. “So I wanted to nominate Steve Leiker from the Salvation Army for Pay It Forward, so he can get the water they need.”

Mitchell and his wife, Jill, volunteer every week to hand out food, bug repellent and other essentials to help the homeless survive on the streets of Kansas City.

“A lot of these people, when we hand out the food to them, I don’t know how they manage,” Jill Mitchell said. “They’re always asking for water.”

So, Jill and her husband surprised Leiker with the $400 gift card.

“Well I’ll tell you that water is much needed with the hot temperatures,” Steve Leiker said, “Thank you guys very much, we’ll be able to get lots of bottled water to the homeless with this.”