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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In April a local man demolished his family home to build a golf course in the urban core and a park across the street.

The plan was part of Chris Harris’ dream to transform lives near 42st and Wayne.

To recognize what Harris has been doing in the community, Kenny Lolles nominated Harris for FOX4’s Pay-It-Forward award that comes with $400 cash.

“What Mr. Harris is doing out here is a wonderful thing,” Lolles said.

He added that this new addition gives young people and adults something fun to do, which helps keep them out of trouble.

“You normally don’t see young people that put this much effort into trying to do something for somebody else,” Lolles said in his nomination.  “He spends countless hours doing what he’s doing now– mowing, putting up fences, maintaining the property.”

See the surprise in the video above.

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