KANSAS CITY, Kan. — Pastor Steve Neal runs the Caring Connections Collaborative at the First Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas.

“He gives back to the community, we have a food pantry ,a clothing pantry,” Senda Daniels-Stroble said. “He goes out with friends of Isaiah every week for the homeless, he helps anyone who asks.”

Senda volunteers at the church and sees first-hand how much the pastor cares about the community, especially the homeless.

She says Pastor Neal inspired her, personally, to go back to church.

Senda arranged for the pastor and his wife, Pastor Laurie, to meet us in the food pantry because she had something important to talk about.    

Pastor Neal was shocked and surprised when Senda handed him the FOX4 Pay It Forward$400 gift card.   

The pastor said the $400 will go directly into the Caring Connections Fund.