KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A wife and her husband adopted a family friend after she tragically lost her son and her husband within the same year.   

Debra Wall’s son, Tim, was murdered in January. 

He and Tiffany Lawson’s husband were co-workers and best friends. Tim lived with his mother and when he died, his mother had no one to help her get to her medical appointments or check on her medications or make sure she is eating properly.

“They told me, Mama, we’re going to adopt you,” Debra said. “And they have as they take me everywhere and cook me meals and check on me daily.”

Debra said they are a Godsend and she doesn’t know what she’d do without them. She said they won’t take any money for helping her so she wants to Pay It Forward to them.

Tiffany arrived at Debra’s to take her to the doctor but she soon found out she was getting a surprise – the FOX4 Pay It Forward $400 gift card!

Tiffany was shocked and knew immediately what she could do with the $400 card. She would buy new tires for her car so she could safely transport Debra.