Woman in recovery tips KC restaurant $400 as a thanks for home deliveries

Pay It Forward

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A south Plaza restaurant is more like a home away from home for Brenda Judd. 

Judd eats at EGGTC nearly every day. However, a recent fall at the restaurant kept her at home recuperating.

“All I had to do was say, ‘Where is Greg?'” Judd said, “And he was right there.”

Greg Milliron is the manager who ran to pick Judd up and get her help. But that doesn’t surprise Judd because he treats her like family. When she couldn’t make it to the restaurant, Milliron made home deliveries.   

“Well, we love Brenda here. She’s really like family,” Milliron said.

And Brenda, she made a special delivery of her own, including a $400 tip in the form of a Pay It Forward gift card  

“This is totally unexpected,” Milliron said. “It’s a gift card from my friend Brenda… That’s a lot of money! Oh my gosh, thank you Brenda!”

Another satisfied customer. 

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