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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — On social media, Pierre Owens is known as the guy with Autism whose video went viral. At Camp Encourage in Westport, Pierre is the guy with Autism who uses his Autism to spread messages of love. He’s an artist, huge movie buff and just an all-around really good hearted inspiring man.

“So he’s pretty impressive at what he’s overcome,” Kelly Lee with Camp Encourage said. “He’s always spilling out positive statements and encouragement and it’s all that he lives by but he showers everybody else with it too.

Lee said she wanted to meet Pierre after seeing his viral video.

“I said I need to meet you so we went out for lunch after and he started getting engaged in our mission, in volunteering and supporting our kids with Autism,” Lee said. He’s very deserving he works hard every day at a job as a loving son to his mother he most likely will find a way to get that back and pass it on.”

Lee explained to Pierre about FOX4’s Pay It Forward program.

“You are always walking around spreading joy your huge inspiration to our campers and Autism to show them to reach for joy to find things you love and do it and you also have come up through life with a lot of yucky stuff is thrown you but you pick yourself up and you press on and shake your thinking and telling yourself remind yourself of the good you impress me and other people too.”

“So this kid is amazing,” Mauria Stonestreet with Building Hope for Autism said. “I was not having a great day one day and I met him and since then he sends me a little text ‘have a great day,’ he spread positivity everywhere he goes. He is just an amazing individual and I’m so lucky now to call you my friend.”

Watch Pierre’s reaction in the video as Lee hands him $400 as part of FOX4’s Pay It Forward.

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