Payroll company’s unexpected closing leaves some in metro without their paychecks

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LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. — It’s been a rough stretch for workers at My Cleaning Authority in Lee’s Summit and Olathe.

Many of them have been fighting to get their paychecks back since last Thursday. They say payroll processing company, MyPayrollHR took an entire paycheck out of their account from a previous payday and withdrew the money again the following day.

“Definitely frustrating. Definitely was a lot up in the air like how are going to pay your bills or get gas in the car to pick up the kids, or buy them food,” The Cleaning Authority Operations Manager, Brittney Cummings said.
Cummings counts herself as lucky. She got her money back from Mazuma Credit Union. Others at the company haven’t been as fortunate.
“No one had seen anything like that. I think that`s part of the problem for people who have these banks,” Cummings said.
The same day the original paycheck reversal happened, Cleaning Authority owner, Brian Greenwald received a message from MyPayrollHR saying in part that it could no longer process any payroll transactions.
“I’ve never had anybody question their paycheck not being deposited or money being withdrawn illegally. As far as I’m concerned this was illegal,” Greenwald said.
Greenwald says he’s been working with his employees to make this time of uncertainty a little smoother.
“She went and got everybody quick trip cards, just so they could have some lunch or get some gas. When it happened again Friday, we did the same thing,” Greenwald said.
He says a majority of his employees have gotten things worked out with their banks. But for the others who haven’t — they continue to play the waiting game.
The New York-based company, MyPayrollHR is supposed to collect money from employers and deposit that money into a holding account overseen by Cachet Financial Services, according to the Times Union.  Financial Business Group Holdings is Cachet’s parent company.
The report from the Times Union also says Cachet’s attorney is putting the blame for the paycheck reversals on MyPayrollHR owner, Michael Mann.
New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo said in a press release that his state’s finance department will investigate MyPayrollHR.



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