Woman trying to stop robbers critically hurt at 99th and Holmes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. —  A Grandview woman was seriously hurt Tuesday night when she was apparently struck by a car as suspects fled the scene of a robbery.

It happened in the area of 99th and Holmes. Police say the Metro PCS was robbed at that location. Coworkers say Aquaries Frazier was working at the store and ran out after the robbery suspects.

Moments later, she was lying on the ground, clinging to life.

“She wasn’t breathing. She was blue in the face. I just kind of freaked out and started crying,” said Tammi Outland, a witness.

Outland says her boyfriend was outside when it happened and saw everything. He ran into the store and called 911.

Investigators are looking for two female suspects who hurt Aquaries as they tried to get away.

“He said basically she was pushed over the car and ran over.  And when I got to her, she was just kind of curled up in a ball, not breathing, not moving,” said Outland.

Witnesses say the suspects were driving a gold Chyrsler 300.



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