KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Kansas City, Missouri police say they are still searching for a driver who hit-and-killed a pedestrian then ran away from the scene Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that driver was going the wrong way on I-435 immediately before hitting 44-year-old Ronald Campbell.

Campbell was well-known to the people who panhandle in the area, saying the crash happened so fast he likely did not see it coming.

The I-435 crossing with Truman Road is a popular place to panhandle because of the traffic. One man who asked not to be identified said he knew the person who was found by police in the street, dead.

He described Campbell as harmless.

“That’s the second person I know of in really the last six months that was hit like that and killed. It can be dangerous out here,” he said.

“You know, I’ve come close to getting hit before, you know?” he said.

Scanner audio from Broadcastify.com also outlines the reckless driving that led to the death. Starting at the 5700 block of Independence Avenue, the driver – in a stolen vehicle – rammed a police vehicle and headed toward I-435. He entered an off-ramp and went into wrong way traffic.

Police officers told dispatchers that they did not follow into the on-coming traffic.

“We disregarded. There was no one behind it. The car was going the wrong way. It got off on Truman and struck the pedestrian. There was no cops behind it,” according to scanner audio.

The driver would run and could not be located – even with the help of K9s.

A woman in the vehicle was taken into custody.

The people who panhandle in the area of the crash say what happened should not be ignored.

“It’s a human life, right?” one man said. “People definitely take risks that makes you wonder why he was even running. Probably wasn’t a very good reason.”

Police have not officially released a description for the driver, saying that they know who he is but he is not yet in custody.