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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A city bus struck a 68-year-old woman Friday morning, dragging her for about half a block in the area of 11th and Wyandotte in Kansas City, Mo.

The accident happened around 7 a.m. Kansas City Sgt. Bill Mahoney was on scene and described what police believe happened.

“She was walking in or near the crosswalk at 11th and Baltimore, the bus was executing a left hand turn from northbound Baltimore onto 11th Street,” he said. “Apparently she was struck and dragged for a pretty considerable distance underneath the bus.”

A witness, a woman with a child, saw the woman being dragged and ran to bang on the side of the bus to alert the driver who was unaware of what happened.

Clothing and a purse appeared to still be in the roadway where FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn filed  a report. The woman was taken to an area hospital with serious injuries, including a possible broken leg and internal bleeding.

Sgt. Mahoney said surveillance cameras will play an important role in the investigation.

“Obviously, you have the opportunity to see the collision of the event as they unfold,” he said. “None of them (the videos) are ready at this time, but we’re working toward being able to get that.”

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