KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In just a few months, the best seat in the house in Kansas City may just be on a Ferris wheel in the Pennway Point entertainment district.

The ride will provide a full “360 view” of the downtown Kansas City skyline. That view stretching 15 miles into the distance.

“Why wouldn’t you come here. It’s got tradition and history and it’s so diverse,” Karyn Wilder, the VP & GM of Icon Experiences said.

That’s a great question and it’s been answered. Right now what you see is construction, but that construction is cranking into full gear.

The goal a reimagined view of downtown, situated in a new entertainment district.

The Ferris wheel will bring more than 100 jobs to the Kansas City metro with pay starting at $14 an hour.

It will provide a 360 view in a climate-controlled gondola, 150 feet in the sky, that rain or shine, will run 365 days a year.

All 36 cars are wheelchair accessible and the ride 12 to 15 minutes long.

The Ferris wheel experience, outside of adding a sparkle to the skyline, as it will light up every night.

It will be accompanied with its own mini golf course and a food and beverage house.

Michael Patt who works for PARIC Construction based out of Missouri says the work on the foundation has been in the works for months. The hardest part was the precision of the anchor points.

The goal, for it to be open by November. Patt says that’s more than possible.

“I think that’s an absolute reality. I think pretty quickly in the next few weeks the city of Kansas City is going to get to start to see things go vertical which I think is going to stir a lot of excitement,” Patt said.

“It’s going to shine every night you’re going to look out and say OK that’s us, we shine,” Wilder said.