Many in the metro tired of the non-stop rain and flooding

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The non-stop rain has caused areas across the metro to flood. The bike and walking trails around Indian Creek at Fox Hill North Park, among many places covered in water.

Fox Hill North Park’s bike and walking trails have been mostly empty this afternoon because of flooding.

Pathways completely submerged in flood waters from Indian Creek

“I was going to go riding this morning. But, it’s like nope, not today,” Overland Park resident, Barton Stanley said.

Stanley isn’t the only one who had a changed of plans. Others turning away after seeing the trails.

Many people are tired of the constant rain and flooding.

“I think just between my wife and I here, we’re ready for it to be wrapped up. This area gets really bad behind the post office back there, it always floods up. You can’t walk on the trails, it’s miserable,” Danny and Liz Peete said.

While Indian Creek flood often, both Stanley and the Peetes say this year has been unusually wet.

“It’s definitely something very different. I mean, back in the 90`s we had a really bad flood. But this has been the worst, for all that I can remember,” Stanley said.

“I feel like it’s gradually increasing though…this season has definitely been very wet,” Danny Peete said.

Both hope the rain stops soon, so they can get back to doing outdoor activities at the park.

“If it can just be over soon, we’d all appreciate it,” Danny Peete said.

According to Joe Lauria’s weather blog, this is the wettest May-June combination Kansas City has seen in 130 years.

Since this story aired, most of the water on the pathways has receded.

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