Person Dressed as Goat has Wildlife Officials Baa-aaa-ffled

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OGDEN, Utah — Sometimes one needs to become one with nature. That seems to be the case in Ogden, Utah. Officials with Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources are investigating after photos surfaced of what appears to be a person dressed like a furry, white mountain goat.

According to FOX 13, mountain goats are known to roam the rocky cliffs of an area called Ben Lomond in Utah. The pictures, posted to a photo sharing website, have wildlife officials baa-aaa-ffled.

“I have never heard of anyone wearing a goat suit,” said DWR Conservation Outreach Manager Phil Douglas.

FOX 13 reports when asked why anyone would dress like a goat, Douglas said, “I’ve been trying to figure that out all day.”

While it’s not a crime to roam the cliffs dressed as a goat, Douglas said mountain goats are territorial and could injure someone. Douglas added that hunting season is also a concern because a person dressed as a goat may very well be mistaken for, well, a goat.



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