KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Just as the fourth day of Pride Month was underway, A local LGBTQ+ establishment believes they were threatened intentionally.  

Someone fired what the bar described as a BB gun toward a line of patrons entering Fountain Haus early Sunday morning.

Police say just after 1 a.m., officers responded and contacted a victim who said they were standing outside in front of the doors when they felt pain in their arm.  

They also say the person said they believed they were struck with a pellet from a pellet gun. KCPD tells FOX4 this is being investigated as an aggravated assault.  

In an email to stakeholders across the city, including the police department, Jayson Morgan, the Operations Manager at Fountain Haus, said: 

Good Morning,

Tonight, while we had a line from our Main (Broadway) entrance all the way down to the intersection of Broadway and Westport Road, someone drove by with a BB Gun and shot up our whole line. Of course, this caused a lot of distress and instilled a lot of fear as it cleared out our whole line. Thank goodness nobody was hurt, but considering our proximity to Pride next weekend we must consider this a threat that can escalate.

On behalf of our guests and our staff, I am reaching out to you for help; hopefully to at least acquire the official channels I need to go through to get expedited permitting or procedures in place for security resources for this upcoming Pride weekend; We want to do our due-diligence to prevent injuries from a drive-by shooting if one is to occur.

Every year anti-LGBTQ sentiment is becoming more pronounced as there are more mass shootings and hate crimes for us to mourn, and bad actors to copycat; we must take threats towards ANY of our queer spaces seriously, especially after Kansas City has been declared a “Sanctuary City” for the LGBTQIA Community only a few weeks ago for gender-affirming care. Naturally this will embolden some bad actors to challenge that during the most high-profile event during Pride month.

I am looking for clearance with The Pride Alliance’s existing permit for the Pride Parade, and resources from our municipal partners (such as fire Trucks, water trucks, garbage trucks, ect.) to park along Broadway Road (at least after the parade), to create a safe space for our guests to line up for entry to our safe spaces on the weekend of Pride. Please let me know what you can do, and/or what channels I need to be redirected to keep the ball rolling on this.

I appreciate your help.

KCPD says they will maintain contact with the FBI as this investigation unfolds. They tell FOX4 that their LGBTQ+ liaison officer has already been in touch with management at Fountain Haus.  

If you have any information that can help police, you’re asked to reach out to the TIPS hotline that’s (816) 474-TIPS.