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MIAMI COUNTY, Kan. — A fishing outing ended with an unusual find: a body and more in a Miami County lake.

The discovery came this morning in Hillsdale Lake. Authorities got a report of the body floating in the water near the Marysville Boat Ramp. Now investigators are trying to make sense of the incident.

James Oliver came to the Marysville Boat Ramp around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday like he does most days.

“I come out here to drop the boat off around 9:30 this morning,” Oliver said. “Dropped the boat off, shoved it off the trailer. I looked over, and there was a body.”

He didn’t have a cellphone, so he asked a nearby fisherman to call 911.

“Officers responded, as did South Johnson County Fire and Rescue,” Miami County Undersheriff Waney Minkley said. “They did see a body floating in the water and were able to pull it ashore. It appeared to be a white male. We didn’t have any information. No cars parked abandoned in the area. We didn’t have a lot to go on.”

Divers and a tactical team were able to find a car floating around eight to ten feet below the water.

“Often times people drive into the water accidentally, some intentionally,” Minkley said. “So yeah, the possibility was there. High probability that there was a car in the water.”

They were able to pull both the man and the car out of the water — but are now left with questions.

“I honestly don’t know,” Minkley said. “This was either intentional or unintentional, we don`t know yet, but we hope to find out based on where he was at twenty-four hours prior to this occurring, and we’ve got to run that timeline down.”

The body was only described as a white male. The car pulled out of the water was a gold or silver four-door sedan.